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Advising Chats and Workgroups

Advising Chats

Advising Chats serve as professional development opportunities for members to connect, share, network, and learn. We strive to offer a variety of topics that might include theory-to-practice scholarship, resources and programs, and advising practices.

Advising Workgroups

Advising Workgroups serve as professional development opportunities for members to connect, share, network, and learn. These workgroups are typically more interactive and informal compared to our Advising Chats, with ample opportunity to engage in dialogue with others across campus.

Modality and Accessibility

The modality choice for any given Advising Chat is first determined by presenter preferences. For sessions that are offered in a virtual or hybrid format, it is then up to the discretion of the presenter whether we will record that session as we would like to honor their time, labor, and comfort level. We will do our best to advertise whether or not a session will be recorded in advance; however, know that sometimes these decisions change for a variety of reasons. Also know that many of our Advising Chats are interactive in nature, so you may gain more from a session by attending live, as you are able.

The Advising Workgroup sessions are never recorded as they are more interactive and less content sharing compared to the Advising Chats.

Fall 2023 Advising Chats

Supporting Queer and Trans Students in Higher Education

  • Date: Thursday, October 5
  • Time: 10:00 - 11:30 AM
  • Location: Hybrid (Multipurpose Room, Newman Library and Zoom; in-person attendance is highly encouraged, this session may not be recorded). 
  • Speaker: Dr. Ashleigh “Bing” Bingham, Director, LGBTQ+ Resource Center
  • Description: During this session, we will explore common experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals entering higher education for the first time. Taking into consideration the impact of queer and trans erasure in public education, we will discuss the importance of creating a supportive and affirming environment through language, policy, and programming. Information regarding chosen names, pronouns, and all gender restrooms will also be addressed.

Restorative Practices After Course Request

  • Date: Tuesday, November 7
  • Time: 1:00 - 2:30 PM
  • Location: Multipurpose Room, Newman Library (in-person attendance only)
  • Speaker: Ana Agud, MPH, CWWS, Manager, Work-Life Program for Hokie Wellness
  • Description: Restorative practice is an emerging social science that studies strengthening relationships between individuals in a compassionate, relationship-centered approach to work culture. Its focus is on building positive relationships and providing opportunities for individuals to take responsibility for their behavior while remaining connected in the community. One of the biggest myths about restorative practices is that it’s a program. However, it is not a tool that goes in your toolbelt. It’s a paradigm shift that changes the way you think, feel, and communicate with yourself and others. This program will blend restorative practices and self-care and why it is so important to practice both.

How Do Concussions Impact Our Students, and How Do We Support Them? Experiencing BMES 2004: Concussions Perspectives (RSVP Required, TBA)

  • Date: Friday, December 8
  • Time: 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Location: 310 Kelly Hall
  • Speaker: Stefan Duma, Ph.D, Director, Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Sciences, Harry C. Wyatt Professor of Engineering
  • Description: TBA

Fall 2023 Advising Workgroups

Information coming soon