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Book Club

Sponsored by Academic Advising Initiatives and hosted by the Advising Network, each fall and spring semester we host a semester-long book club for registered members of the Advising Network. There is one book selected per academic year. Book club participants are provided a physical copy of the book, which they may keep.

Joining the Book Club

Prior to each fall and spring semester, we distribute a Book Club Interest form through our communication channels where members can express interest in participating.  

Participation is limited to 12-15 participants each semester to allow for small-group discussions.

In confirming who will participate each semester, we will do our best to allow everyone to participate at their earliest opportunity (whether fall or spring) and will take into consideration those who have previously participated to allow new members to join.

2023-24 Books

Members of the Advising Network will be reading and discussing “How You Say It: The Way You Talk the Way you Do - What It Says About You” (2020) by Katherine Kinzler. 

Questions regarding the Advising Network Book Club can be directed to Carolyn Ballard.