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Member Online Directory

Member Online Directory

One benefit of being a registered member is to have access to our online directory of members who opt into the directory. If you are not yet a registered member, please visit our member registration page.

Access the Online Directory

Tips for Using the Directory

  • To access the directory, you must be a registered member and logged into your Virginia Tech Google account.
  • The title of the Google sheet will include the last date that the directory was manually updated.
  • You may use the sort and filter features (it will not affect others who are actively in the directory).

Joining or Updating Directory Information

At least twice per academic year, the Advising Network will send communication via email, on the Advising Listserv, and on our social media platforms with an opportunity to renew your membership or register for the subsequent academic year.

The online directory will be updated based on membership registrations per academic year (typically by mid-September). If at any time you would like your directory information added, edited, or removed, please email our Vice Chair, Heath Furrow.